Piedra Lobera

Sierra de Lucar is located in the municipality of the same name in the Almanzora valley. Well known because of Piedra Lobera, a steep greyish promontory whose name comes from a tradition that says that it was here that the last wolves of these sierras were exterminated.

The peak of Lucar, at 1722m, crowns Piedra Lobera. It is a spectacular limestone formation with steep walls that stand out over the landscape. Surrounded by a wide area of protected land, it was declared a Natural Monument on the 23rd of November 2001.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, this Natural Monument supports an important flora, adapted to the hard conditions of this environment: scarce rainfall, strong winds, long periods of hot sunshine, frequent freezing and rocky soils. Thus, species like the Sandwort (Arenaria tomentosa), appear out of the rocks, forming pads to counter the gusts of wind, they are also covered with small hairs to reflect the persistent solar rays. We can also find the Gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa subsp. austro-europaeum), that lives in the shelter of the limestone cracks. The exotic Peony (Paeonia broteri), that we call mountain rose, can also be found here. Finally, up to 5 species of Saxifrage can be seen here, known as ‘stonebreakers’, like Saxifraga camposii subsp. leptophylla or Saxifraga erioblasta.




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